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> Luis Alfaro's critically acclaimed OEDIPUS EL REY, at Theatre @ Boston Court is extended!


_ LA Times: "In Luis Alfaro’s OEDIPUS EL REY, now at the Boston Court, it’s ex-con Oedipus (Justin Huen) and barrio widow Jocasta (Marlene Forte) who are sympathetic star-crossed lovers. The two meet and fall in love in the play’s most electric scene, a spellbinding dance of pain and eroticism ... "

_ Pasadena Star News: "Justin Huen leads the cast as the doomed 'king,' vibrating with energy and the impulsive qualities of youth. All but raised in prison, this Oedipus' essential flaws stem from the foreign quality of his upbringing and that impulsive intensity ... "

_ LA Weekly: "Brilliantly staged by director Jon Lawrence Rivera, Luis Alfaro's transmogrification of the story of Oedipus to prison and the barrio makes for powerful stuff ... Huen is charismatic, the ensemble is strong and the production design - lighting (Jeremy Pivnick), scenic design (John H. Binkley) and sound and music composition (Robert Oriol) - is impeccable ... "

_ Backstage: "Astoundingly real and electrifying is the scene in which Oedipus and Jocasta 'first' meet, after he is released from prison and looking for interim housing. The actors Justin Huen and Marlene Forte irresistibly compel us to feel the pair's heat ... "

_ LA Theatre Review: "Huen’s rugged and explosive youth is complemented by Forte’s deep and sensual sadness. Their chemistry is disturbingly electric, so much so that when Oedipus and Jocasta succumb to their painfully desperate need for connection we forget, for a brief moment, that they are mother and son ... "

_ LA Splash: "OEDIPUS EL REY is a brilliant, reverence and worthy reimagining of the timeless original first penned by Sophocles. Justin Huen is electrifying as Oedipus, the ill-fated pawn of the gods. This production is a tour de force of exceptional performances that will leave you breathless ... "

_ Out and About Magazine: "Pasadena’s Boston Court Theatre has mounted a fiercely authentic production with a superb troupe of perfectly cast actors. The electrifyingly powerful Justin Huen as Oedipus, just released from prison, all pent up rage and sexual longing, kills gang leader Laius (Leandro Cano) on his way home to the barrio where he meets up with his prison pal Creon (Daniel Chacón, a Watsonville native and El Teatro Campesino veterano) and Creon’s older sister Jocasta, Laius’ bitter, grieving widow ... "

_ StageScene LA: "Justin Huen is an absolutely stunning Oedipus, un hombre tough as nails but with a voice which reveals an inner gentleness, and his is a performance that only grows in strength and depth as his involvement with Jocasta deepens. Though her role is smaller, Marlene Forte matches Huen every step of the way as his mother/lover. The couple’s scenes together are positively electric, whether compelled by passion to remove every stitch of each other’s clothing or by destiny to the play’s climactic scene that had me literally shaking in my seat ... "


> Joins the cast of Luis Alfaro's OEDIPUS at The Theatre @ Boston Court in Pasadena, Ca., a world premiere directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera, which will run February thru March, 2010.

> Appears in Beau Willimon's FARRAGUT NORTH at Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, Ca., directed by Doug Hughes, also starring Chris Pine, Chris Noth, Olivia Thirlby, Mia Barron, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., and Dan Bittner.

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